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How i made my first $10,000 Profit in Binary Option in Just a Month




Hi Friends, if you wish or wants to make money in binary options i will really appreciate and advice you to read through this write up and you will be able to gain a meaningful advice before you go into trading as a beginner or make good ROI as an investor in Binary options, Forex and bitcoin mining.

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How I made my first $100,000 With Binary Trading Options | Learn How to Invest Wisely

You know what an option is and you believe that you understand how it works. Congratulations. But please demonstrate some patience before placing your money at risk. You are bursting with anticipation and cannot wait to begin raking in the money. However, it is not that easy. Money must be earned and please believe that no one gives it away. Here is a look at the pitfalls of buying options before you are ready to trade.

A Typical Example of Buying Call Options

Your favorite stock (FAVR) is currently $42.50 and you love its prospects. You just “know” that FAVR will be trading above $50 per share fairly soon. Based on that anticipation, you open a brokerage account and buy 10 FAVR call options. They expire in 90 days and are struck at $50 (i.e., the strike price is $50). You can hardly wait to see the money roll in.

So what happens? Most of the time expiration day arrives and the options become worthless. The once eager, new options trader (along with many experienced traders who should have known better), lost every penny invested.

The truly sad part is that your inclination was right on the money. FAVR did move higher, and 90 days after your option purchase, the market price was $46. The only problem is that you correctly predicted the price increase and still lost money. It is bad enough to lose when your prediction is wrong, but losing money when it is correct is a bad result. Yet, it happens all the time in the options world.

Unfortunately, this is a common result. So before buying options, please consider some things that you MUST understand about options. The purpose here is to make you aware of vital information. The details can wait until you have a better understanding of the basic concepts of options.

Earning a Profit

Many factors go into the price of an option. A trader cannot simply “buy calls” and expect to make money when the stock price rises. Much more is involved. The problem is that brand-new traders are unaware of all the other factors that affect whether the trade will earn a profit or lose money.

You expect the stock price to rise (i.e., you are bullish). Good. By how much do you expect the price to change? Is it reasonable — based on FAVR’s price history —  to expect the stock to move to $50 (an increase of almost 18%) in 90 days?

A history of the stock’s average daily price change (volatility) provides a good clue to the correct answer. It is a poor strategy to buy  (OTM) call options with a strike price of $50 if the average stock price move is $0.05 per day. However, it is a reasonable play when the average daily stock price change is $0.50 per day. Be aware of just how volatile the stock price has been in the past.

Strike Price

Strike Price. It is not necessary to buy OTM options, despite the fact that this is the choice of the vast majority of traders. They believe their prediction will come true and they want to buy the cheapest options. Why? My best guess is that most under-educated option traders want to own “a lot” of options, rather than just a few.

It is similar to the thought process that makes someone buy lottery tickets. The odds may be terrible, but the possibility of a huge payoff is too much to resist. Based on volatility data, buy options that have a good chance to be in the money at a later date (before the options expire). Thus, it would be reasonable to buy FAVR calls struct at $40, $42.5 (if these options exist) or $45.

  • Premium. Deciding how much to pay for options requires some trading experience. However, you must be aware of several items.
  • Was the option price reasonable or was the implied volatility of this option too high?
  • Did buying these options at this price give you a fair chance to make any money — based on your expectation for the price increase?
  • Was the bid/ask spread too wide? Wide markets are more difficult to trade. Did you make the mistake of paying the asking price when you should always try to do better?


Holding Too Long

When buying options, do not plan on holding them until expiration arrives. Options are wasting assets and your plan should include getting out of the trade as soon as it becomes feasible. It is easy to fall in love with a profitable option trade and hold onto it, looking for a much larger profit.

Do not allow that to happen. Sometimes you earn the target profit. At other times it means giving up on the trade and selling the options while they still have value. If the stock price reaches your target (or gets near that target price), it is time to take your gains and sell the option.

The Stock Market

Was this a good time to make such a bullish play? Do you believe the stock market is headed higher? Most stocks do not move in a vacuum, and their rise and fall are dependent on the performance of other stocks. In other words, is the market bullish or bearish?

Did you consider all these factors? Did you consider any of them? The bottom line is that if you do not pay attention to each factor, then your chances of earning money become smaller, and the loss of your entire investment becomes the most likely result (especially when you purchase OTM options).

It is not enough to have a strong belief that the market will move higher or lower. When buying options, the option price has a large influence on the potential profitability of the trade and often matters more than a change in the price of the underlying stock. Thus, do not pay too much (based on implied volatility) for your options.

This is a serious warning: It is very important to recognize how easy it is to lose money when buying options. Most traders only think about “how much money can I earn?” Please avoid using options to gamble.


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    Trading with LUKE BROWN’s strategy has given me a sense of confidence, the wins are very consistent, I have made a lot in just few weeks all thanks to your amazing strategy…

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    Thank you for making me recover my loss in just few weeks of working with you

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    December 3, 2018 at 4:12 am

    Much gratitude to you sir, you are the reason behind my smiles

  9. Micheal Snow

    December 3, 2018 at 4:16 am

    Damn!! Trading has never been this fun

  10. Steven Gates

    December 3, 2018 at 4:23 am

    His strategy is topnotch… It was my best experience working with him though I did not agree at first…

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    December 3, 2018 at 4:27 am

    I was scared trading with him at first but after my first trade with I now possess full sense of confidence… He is binary

  12. Morrison

    December 3, 2018 at 6:57 am


    For years I have been looking for how to make good profit trading… Thanks for this write up its really helpful, I think I can now make extra cash trading with LUKE BROWN

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Another Reason Why Bitcoin Is Going To Keep Moving Higher

August 19, 2019Weaker Currency Means More Valuable Cryptocurrency If there wasn’t enough to drive the price of Bitcoin higher another catalysts for rising prices is emerging; easy money policy. Central banks around the world are gearing up to issue economic stimulus in an attempt to stave off the growth-slowing effects of the U.S./China trade war.…




Weaker Currency Means More Valuable Cryptocurrency

If there wasn’t enough to drive the price of Bitcoin higher another catalysts for rising prices is emerging; easy money policy. Central banks around the world are gearing up to issue economic stimulus in an attempt to stave off the growth-slowing effects of the U.S./China trade war. Over the weekend and in the early hours of the Monday morning session, the PBOC and Finance Ministry of Germany added their voices to the choir.

The PBOC, the People’s Bank of China, says it will reform interest rate policy mechanics in order to lower real-interest rates. The move is an effective rate cut and a long-lasting one at that. In Germany, the Minister of Finance gave the EU and German economy a thumb’s up but backed it up with supportive comments. He says Berlin stands ready to stimulate if needed and is well prepared to do so if the decision is made.

Later this week, Jerome Powell is speaking at Jackson Hole. He will deliver the events opening speech and hopes are high he will confirm future rate cuts in the remarks. At least one analyst has speculated the market will sell off sharply if Powell doesn’t indicate rate cuts. My read on the economic data suggests to me the markets expectations are overblown and misplaced although another cut is likely. Add to this expectations of easing for the BOE, the ECB, the BOJ, the RBA and others. The bottom line, there is about to be a lot more currency in the world and that means BTC’s value will inflate.

There won’t be any more or less BTC but there will be more dollars, euros, pounds, yen, and Aussie dollars; BTC’s value won’t change but the value of the world’s currencies will be less; this means it will take more currency to buy cryptocurrency than it did in the past and that means higher prices for BTC. And that’s in the near-term. We still have the halvening to look forward to next spring.

I’ll be honest, the daily charts are promising but not outright bullish. The price of BTC/USD bounced over the weekend and is moving higher. The move is bullish and accompanied by a nice signal in the stochastic that is not yet confirmed in the MACD. It looks like the pair will keep moving up in the near-term but resistance at the top of the range has been strong. If, and I say IF, resistance is broken we can look forward to a nice rally up to $14,000 or $15,000 real fast. If not you can expect the range to persist until it does.

The weekly charts are more bullish. The BTC/USD is forming a long-term flag-pattern that, when broken to the upside, will carry prices up to the $19,000 or $20,000 level. As iffy as the daily chart is, the weekly chart is pointing more and more to a retest of the $20,000 level. Based on my projections a move above $20,000 is very possible. Until then, the thing to do is keep an eye on resistance in the $11,000 to $12,000 range.

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The S&P 500 Is Going To Move Much, Much Lower

August 16, 2019The S&P 500 Is On The Brink Of Major Collapse The S&P 500 is going to move much, much lower. The broad market index has been pushed to it’s breaking point and frankly, I think the cracks are already showing. The underlying fundamental conditions remain positive, it’s not like we’re in a recession,…




The S&P 500 Is On The Brink Of Major Collapse

The S&P 500 is going to move much, much lower. The broad market index has been pushed to it’s breaking point and frankly, I think the cracks are already showing. The underlying fundamental conditions remain positive, it’s not like we’re in a recession, but the fear of recession is real and it is festering. The biggest news in terms of recession and what may happen and when is the yield-curve. The U.S. yield-curve went into full-inversion early this week and signals recession will come within 18 months. The caveat though is this, the data and some experts think it is a false signal. This week’s round of economic data wasn’t strong, it wasn’t robust, but it was positive, in some cases accelerated, and labor markets remain tight, the consumer healthy.

The daily chart of the S&P 500 is painting a mixed-picture. In some ways the index looks like it could throw off a pretty strong buy signal but I think that is just hope lingering. The MACD is bearish but shows a double peak where the second is lower and consistent with support at current levels. Current levels appear to be supportive because the price action is forming a potential Double Bottom Reversal. The risk is that price action is still low within the potential reversal pattern, resistance is likely strong at the short-term EMA, and stochastic does not even come close to confirming. Stochastic is still pointing lower which means the overall trend is still down and, since momentum is still bearish, I think we’re going to see prices move lower rather than higher in the near term.

The weekly chart of the S&P 500 is more bearish. In fact, it is just plain bearish. Both MACD and stochastic have formed bearish crossovers in tandem with the index peak. The index has moved below the previous all-time which is a very important support/resistance pivot point. Since the fall, the index has retested and confirmed resistance at this level where I think resistance will remain. The long-term 150 day EMA is providing some support but it is tenuous. A move below the 150-day moving average would be very significant, such a move could lead the S&P 500 down to the 2,700 or 2,600 level.

The key will be what happens on Monday. Monday is when the Weekend Warriors do a lot of their trading. They’ve had the weekend to think about what’s happened, all the gurus (myself included) will have put out their analysis, and the urge to sell may be strong. Maybe not, we’ll see. If prices rally on Monday, for whatever reason, I won’t be bullish until I see the index get back above 2,940.

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The Dollar Oultook; Bears Rule The Market

August 12, 2019The Dollar Is Set To Move Lower, FOMC Outlook Dovish The Dollar Index is set to move lower. Last week the daily chart candles broke through support at the top of a previous trading range. This week the index is already confirming resistance at that level and the indications are bearish. Driving the…




The Dollar Is Set To Move Lower, FOMC Outlook Dovish

The Dollar Index is set to move lower. Last week the daily chart candles broke through support at the top of a previous trading range. This week the index is already confirming resistance at that level and the indications are bearish. Driving the move is the FOMC outlook, an outlook that is turning increasingly dovish. The Fed is expected to cut rates again in September and then again before the end of the year. That is three rate cuts in six months where just last December the market was still expecting more hikes this year.

The risk for traders is this week’s economic calendar. The calendar is full and skewed toward the end of the week which means early week action will be iffy and late week action volatile. Early in the week there is the CPI consumer inflation data. This data is due out on Tuesday and one of the more important in terms of FOMC outlook. We are looking for CPI near 0.2%, a deviation will impact rate cutting expectations. Later in the week, on Thursday, the market is looking for seven major reports including Retail Sales, Empire Manufacturing, Philly Fed MBOS, and the NAHB Home Builders Sentiment Index. Needless to say, there is a lot of risk in the economic data.

The safe-haven Japanese yen is experiencing an updraft in value due to trade war and growth-related fear. The USD/JPY has been moving lower steadily for the last several months and is fast-approaching a one-year low. The low is near 104.75 and will be significant when reached. A bounce from this level is likely to begin with, where it goes from there is questionable. A fall to new lows would be incredibly bearish for the dollar and likely take the USD/JPY down to 102.50 and 100.00.

The Swiss Franc, another safe-haven asset, is also trading at a long-term low. The USD/CHF pair is sitting on potential support at the 0.97 level but the indications are bearish. A move below that level would confirm a deeper move, a move that could go as far as 0.9200 in the near to short-term.

The EUR/USD is moving higher in the near-term but resistance is just above at 1.2919. The indicators are bullish so a test of resistance is likely. The caveat is that price action and the indicators are consistent with weak market movement so reversal is a risk. Longer-term, the EUR/USD will likely move sideways within a range as the FOMC and ECB outlook/actions work against each other. The ECB is expected to enact easing as soon as the next meeting and that will weaken the single-currency.

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